Chapter 41

My two favorite FBI Special Agents put me and my daughter in the back seat of the car, while other agents cuffed up the two bleeding Russians and my man, Nerd. They gathered up all the guns, including my Ex’s .38 revolver. My daughter recognized two of theagents from Sunday’s aborted baseball game and waived them a hello. Unbelievably, she was oblivious to her own victimhood, caught up in this game of cops and robbers.

My Homeland Security buddies, Green and Fontana came over to the car. I noticed there were no handles or buttons on the inside of the back doors when I tried to open either a door or window to talk. I was basically a prisoner of the Fed, but Fontana opened the door and stuck his head in.

“You guys okay?”

“You kiddin’ me? Get the Nerd cut loose, get my guns back and let me take my daughter home.” I said, trying to get out of the back seat. But Fontana restrained me with a hand on my shoulder.

“Whoa there Rollo, slow it down some,” Green cautioned. “This is now and FBI operation. Cassidy will have our asses when he find out we’re here with these people. He sure didn’t like the heavy handed way they jumped this case.”

“You have got to be shittin’ me,” I shouted, alerting the FBI agents. Special Agent Monroe came over to see what all the shouting was about. She got in behind the wheel and told Green and Fontana to get in too. Green assumed shotgun and Fontana pushed in beside me.. She fired it up and drove us around the corner, parking under a big old oak. The shade was a welcomed relief from the ninety degree sun. The A/C was trying to kick in, to no avail.

“Let’s hear it Michaels,” she said, like she really expected me to tell all.

I watched an FBI Entry Team in helmets and flack jackets drive toward the house while I tried to figure out what to say. Surprisingly, Agent Green interceded on my behalf.

“Listen Agent Monroe, this is no place for Rollo’s daughter to be…”

“Thanks good buddy,” I said while pulling out my cell phone. I flipped it open with a dramatic flourish and punched up 9-1-1. “My daughter has been kidnapped and I’ve followed the two kidnappers to Lookout Mountain Lane and Crescent Drive. I’m holding them at gunpoint. Hurry…” closing the phone.

The three federal agents stared at me in disbelief. My daughter took hold of my arm. “I want to go home now, Daddy.”

“Damn it Michaels, I need to know what you and your friend are doing busting into our stakeout,” Monroe whined.

“You didn’t see Colletta Meyers pull up in the Lincoln with two black porn studs and a guy in a grey suit with hair to match? Some stakeout, Agent Monroe. But not to worry, I called the real police. They’ll gladly take a murder suspect and two kidnapping assholes into custody. And they’ll do it without screwing over the victim’s father and the friend helping to rescue a little girl. Is this how they teach it at Quantico?” I said, immediately regretting sticking it in too far. But there’s no way to take back ill chosen words.

She got out of the car and slammed the door hard enough to make my ears pop. We sat there watching her storm back up the street. Fontana was the first to speak.

“Nice going Rollo. You think that’s the way to win her over to our side?”

Green jumped out and ran after her, leaving me, my daughter and Fontana locked in the back of the car. I could hear sirens rolling up the hill. It would be another hour before someone would let us out of the car.

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